The Zoom 8 International
Strict-One-Type Class
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Strict One-Design

The Zoom 8 International Strict-One-Type Class dingy meets all the demands from the sailors, fulfils the attributes of being a modern, speedy and demanding dinghy, constructed for an optimal weight group between 35-65 kg.

The Zoom 8 was made to build a bridge in-between the Optimist and the grown-ups league, as it is essential for sailors who aim to compete on the highest level to get proper training and skills. The demand was that the dinghy could be turned upright after capsizing by a 35 kg sailor in less than 30 seconds from a position where the sail lays flat on the water.

Fast Racer and Trainer

Easy to rig and handle without prior experience, with a smooth and fast hull, the Zoom 8 offers enjoyment, a lot of fun and speed. One of the main reasons in building this high-class dinghy was from the very beginning to give the sailor a proper racer.

The Zoom 8 has most of the necessary trimming equipment found on a bigger sailing boat. This will help the young sailors developing and gaining skills in order to perform their best.

Simple transportation

With its 38kg hull weight, the Zoom 8 can easily travel on the roof rack and can even be stored standing on its transom.

The custom designed beach trolley it can be also fitted easily on top of the boat while travelling.


Zoom 8 is the first dinghy of its size which fulfils ISAF demands for a strict One-Type-Class. It is always delivered completely equipped and ready to race. As no changes are allowed, all sailors (boys and girls) will have equal chances in competitions. If capsized, Zoom 8 remains floating on its side with the cockpit dry.

The mast buoyancy will not allow the dinghy to turtle on its own. When capsized the high coamings prevent the water from entering into the cockpit which guarantees safeness. The coamings and the height of the cockpit were designed ergonomically to avoid known problems with kneecaps and back. Over the years has not been known physical problems relating to racing and training on the Zoom 8.

Presently there are about 2500 active Zoom 8 sailors however, a Zoom 8 World Championship's average participation is approximately 140-160 sailors per event. Mostly countries like Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia and Sweden have constantly sent sailors to Zoom 8 regattas.


  • Fully equipped boat weighs 44 kg

  • Hull Length: 2.65 m

  • Beam Length: 1.45m

  • Mast length: 4.65m, made from 2 pieces in carbon by Exel in Finland

  • Boom length: 2.01m made of anodized aluminium by Mäkelä in Finland

  • Rudder&Daggerboard made in abachi wood coated in epoxy by E.V. Foils in Estonia

  • Modern Sail area: 4.9m2 made of dacron(polyester textile fiber that is wrinkle-resist and strong) by Doyle in Austria and Finland

  • Process of manufacture made by eco-friendly infusion technology

  • Harken equipped fittings

  • Self bailer

  • Smooth and elegant hull lines

  • Present ISAF Status: International Class since 1995

  • Optimal Crew weight 35-65 kg

  • No. of crew: 1

  • Year & designer: 1992 by Henrik Segercrantz

  • Type: Centerboard Boat

  • CE("Conformité Européene") certified: Yes


The Zoom 8 is being build in Tallinn, Estonia by Riatla Marine Technology OY.

We deliver it fully equipped, ready to sail, including ISAF plaque, aluminium trolley and all covers.



  • Going back to August 2004 when I was only nineteen years old, I left my home country, Romania and went to Vejle, Denmark.

    Without knowing anyone, on my first night I slept on a boat. I never did find out to whom that boat belonged to.

  • Cutting a long story short, on my first day I was faced with a few ‘'no's'' from different places where I enquired for work. However, on the same day I was fortunate enough to get a job with the well known boat builders, Anders and Ole Borresen. I was also privileged to have met their father Borge Borresen who had developed and built the Dragon out of fiberglass.

    Of course, at that stage I didn't know who they were, however we soon became friends and still are today.

  • In addition to building close to 200, ''Zoom 8'' dinghies, we have also built boats that were in the sailing competition at the Beijing Olympic’s in 2008.

    Having spent a number of years gaining experience building various boats, as well as being involved in different areas in the sailing world, I found that my interest was slowly turning into a passion. It was this passion which finally led to Ad Mare Sailing where I am now, retailing boats to a number of countries.

  • Ad Mare Sailing has acquired the sole license to promote and sell the Zoom 8 in: Romania, Qatar, U.A.E., Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Greece and Turkey. The license was granted to us by Hans Petter Fredriksen from Norway and his company Superstride Ltd.

    Should you have any enquiries about our amazing Zoom 8 dinghy, please contact us!

    We are here to help you sail your journey away!

    Cristian Calin
    Founder of Ad Mare Sailing



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